Everyone will go to heaven because there’s no hell – Nikki Samonas


The 34 years old actress has struck social media on her believe that hell do not exist.The actress believe that there is no hell for anyone since we are all the children of the most high GOD and every child of GOD deserves a better place afterlife,for that matter,we are all going to heaven after death.

She said,as a child of GOD,all you need to do is to stay positive always and when that is done,heaven will be your destination after death.

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The actress said because GOD place is heaven and HE created us all in HIS own Image,we will surely go there. I cant really tell if hell,exist for that matter doesn’t even want to think about it.

To me, nobody wants torture,agony and pains,so hell becomes nonexistence.I always think positive and i want my family and friends to think same.

Many Christians may not believe in her assertions but she concluded,since no one is a child of SATAN, heaven becomes our resting place after death.

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