Brand Ambassador for Infinix using IPhone – Bhim fan reacts to Shatta’s endorsement deal


In an earlier published post, we revealed all the details concerning Shatta Wale’s deal with mobile tech company infinix as the Dancehall Naa is set to headline an upcoming mega concert dubbed “BIGHOTEVENT”.

Well, the Shatta Movement camp are very excited about this mega deal signed by Shatta Wale and Infinix.

However, some Bhim Nation Fans have reacted after hearing Shatta Wale’s endorsement deal with Infinix.

Months ago, when Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale were Dancehall rivals before finally smoking their peace pipe, a lot of SM fans made mockery of Stonebwoy when he was signed by Samsung Ghana to be their brand ambassador.

But today, the same Shatta Movement fans are congratulating their boss for signing an endorsement deal with Infinix.

Between Infinix and Samsung, which of the two will go for or has brand authority..? (It’s up for you to decide)

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Well, a Bhim Fan who goes by the name Fredie Mawuli Village shared his thoughts on Shatta Wale’s endorsement deal with Infinix.

According to him, how can a brand ambassador for Infinix be using an Iphone..? He added that Shatta Wale simply lacks branding.

Although, he congratulated Shatta Wale for his achievement but he reminded SM fans how they ridiculed the Samsung brand just because it was Stonebwoy but today are hailing Infinix because it’s Shatta Wale.

Brand Ambassador for Infinix phone is using an iPhone.
Some people lack simply BRANDING
Kikikikiki 🤣😂🤣

This world ehhh…What goes round comes around.
The same SM fans who tried to ridicule Samsung and compared it to iPhone after they signed Stonebwoy are now congratulating Shatta Wale on being signed as Infinix, I repeat Infinix ooooo not Huawei, not Nokia, not Motorola, not Google Pixel not even Tecno mpo but Infinix phone.
SM fans ridiculed Samsung because it was Stonebwoy but today hailing Infinix because it’s Shatta Wale.
Anyway Congratulations to Shatta Wale.
#MoralLesson: Don’t hate on someone’s success or achievement because no one knows Tomorrow.

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