Charlotte Osei Descends On Media For Writing False News About Her Husband


The internet was flooded with Headlines about how Madam Charlotte Ama Osei’s husband had asked her for permission to marry another wife yesterday.

And like they always do, these copy and paste news blogs and website without even reading through what they copy, or make an effort to clarify the news filled our news feed the false news.

I clicked this headline once and realized what total bogus the whole story was. I thought it was funny and that the creator of the original post was just trying to get some laughs out of his readers by calling a “fan” “husband”, but trusted news sites including copied and copied even the titles…

Reacting to the news the UN Elections Commissioner has expressed disgust in this behavior, asking that we all pray for Ghana.

Someone please help me understand this- so a fan and a follower informs me he is getting married. I wish him a blissful married life. This translates into my ‘husband’ asking me for permission to marry another wife. This becomes newsworthy enough to be carried on several news platforms. Ghana! Who did this to us? When did we become so lacking in news and real issues? How did we lose our focus so terribly? Today, pls spare a minute and pray for Ghana. God open our eyes to see how much He has blessed our country and what should be newsworthy in this country. God help us 🙏🏽

she post on her Instagram page.

See her posts below.

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