JOY News Photojournalist Beaten By Assemblyman And His People

JOY News Photojournalist Beaten By Assemblyman And His People


Joy News, David Andoh, has been attacked Wednesday, by an Assemblyman and group of people at Mantse Agbona, a suburb of Accra.

Mr Andoh was part of the media team embarking on the ‘Clean Ghana’ campaign to rally citizens to their civic responsibility to keep the country clean.

An assemblyman named James Addo (aka Zola) was identified as the lead attacker of the journalist, his camera was smashed, and another person slapped him from behind demanding that the team leaves the area.

He also subsequently organized the people in the community against the team embarking on the campaign at the untidy community.

The police team accompanying the media had to call for reinforcement in a bid to quell a possible attack by the residents.

James Addo immediately fled the scene on a motorbike shortly after attacking the journalist.

The incident occurred when the inspection team spotted a home in which a woman was selling too close to a toilet facility. A bunch of ripe plantains she was frying were also placed close to a wall.

A waste bin used by the tenants in the house was also placed very close to where the bunch of plantains was placed.

After a short interaction with the food vendor who placed the plantain close to the waste bin, the public health officials attached to the ‘Clean Ghana’ campaign team ordered the plantains to be removed immediately.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly taskforce, also part of the campaign, then began to remove the plantains, however,  the Assemblyman, James Addo, mobilized the youth to counter them on the street.

This caused a commotion and David Andoh began taking photos of the unfolding event.

David’s shots seem to have angered James Addo and some of the residents who then began attacking the journalist.

From Mr.Andoh, he was punched, pushed and kicked on different parts of his body.

They mobilized members of the community dragged him on the ground which caused his camera to crack. House owners were also apprehended for the use of one toilet by 25 tenants by the public health officials who also took part in the cleanup campaign

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