We, Will, Satisfy Them If You Don’t -Slay Queen Warns Married Women.

We, Will, Satisfy Them If You Don’t -Slay Queen Warns Married Women.


Recently, slay queens have bounced on couples either being the man or the woman to do the right thing when they are married.

In a video spotted on a slay queens account, with the identity “creamylindy” on snapchat, the lady was cautioning the married women who can’t satisfy their husbands in bed.

In the video,she said”those married women who cant make their men happy in bed should better start to do so or else if the men do come to them, “hehe, they will make sure they ride them well till their manhood breaks till they even lose their lives” she pondered on this several times.

she even said, there some married women who can’t even cook, also when their husbands begin to touch them, they keep resisting for that matter they should change their attitude towards their men


post by: thedistin.com.

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