80% Of Christians Visit Me For Juju – Nana Agradaa exposes Christians

Ghana is seen by world as Christian dominated community but our nation filled with so much corruption from the head to the toe, and this clearly shows how hypocritical we are as Ghanaians.

It also turns out Ghanaians who proclaim the Christian faith do not follow the rules of the Christian faith because a renowned fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa has just exposed Christians in the country.

According to him, 80% of people who come to her shrine to request for powers and other charms to meet their challenges in life are Christians.

She minced no words when she described these people, some of whom are politicians as hypocrites because after giving them what they want, they go to church to glorify their pastors.

“A lot of politicians visit me, but when they go to church, they will be thanking pastors. Have you heard someone acknowledging a fetish priest in public before? So it’s hypocrisy.

These same people who go to church come to me for help and about 80% of people who visit me are Christians,” he told DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa in a live Facebook streaming.

Asked if she will train and allow her daughter to take after her when she is dead and gone, she said ““I will never allow my child to join priesthood…when you’re doing this kind of work, people don’t like to get close to you.

A gospel artiste once invited me to her album launch, I gave and supported her with money, but when she was acknowledging the people who helped her on TV.

She failed to mention Nana Agradaa because she was shy to mention a fetish priestess. Looking at all these, I would not allow my daughter to become a fetish priestess.”

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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