Akrobeto Reveals How Apostle Safo Introduced Him To His Acting Career


Famous Ghanaian movie star and Television personality, Akrobeto born Akwasi Boadi has made shocking revelations about his journey into acting and the main brain behind his success

He disclosed that he never knew he could act until he met the Star of Africa, Apostle Kwadwo Safo widely known as Kantanka. According to the actor who spoke on Fox FM in Kumasi last weekend, though he began acting as a child and played with it, he never knew he possessed a great talent until he was given the opportunity to showcase it.

Akrobeto further revealed that Apostle Kwadwo Safo even founded a band to help him and other friends like Alex Kofi Adu affectionately called Agya Koo to improve their acting careers.

“He founded a concert group (band) which we used to entertain people and at the same time for preaching”, Akrobeto noted.

“The foundation of my acting career is at Kristo Asafo founded by Apostle Kwodwo Safo” he added.

“We used to practice concert (play) in our homes but the very place I actualized my talent was Kristo Asafo that is Apostle Kwadwo Safo. Apostle Kwodwo Safo took me to live with him, he realized I was an actor. He never hesitated to help me and even went ahead to encourage me to do it well because it was going to help me in the future”.

Today, Akrobeto is arguably one of the celebrated, respected and successful movie stars in the country. He has also won numerous awards in his career as an actor.

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