Ghanaian Fan-milk seller proposes to beautiful girl in town | watch video

In this competitive advantage economy, the only way one can see significant breakthrough in life over the other is being creative as in the case of a gentleman called Lucas.

Lucas isn’t an astute graduate but has become the talk of Ghana on social media as we speak all because of his unique selling proposition built on creativity.

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Consequently, he’s winning all the Fresh Ladies in town that graduates can’t boast of because whenever a female buys from him, they get the opportunity to listen to a sweet melodious vibe.

The most interesting part of his whole selling style is that, all the Fresh Girls he sings for do fall in love with him within a blink or if you like instantly without any long talk! Lol

The ladies smile and feel very happy after coming into contact with Lucas, the FanMilk seller. Per our checks, he sells at different places but usually hovers around GIMPA University.

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See The Video Below….!!!

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