Brutal Shooting At Nima Left One Injured

There has been a cold-blooded shooting incident at Nima, a suburb of Accra.

The victim a man believed to be in his thirties is currently receiving treatment at the Police hospital in Accra. 

Details surrounding the shooting are hazy, however, Eyewitnesses told JoyNews that two armed men on a motorbike approached a vehicle in traffic and shot at the occupant several times.

“Just on the Nima highway close to where they are having the construction of the new mosque. I must say that the traffic was very heavy just like a bumper to bumper. 

There was a car in front of me with the registration number GE991619, so two guys from a motorbike got down both with the helmet on and went straight to the guy and started shooting close to 10minutes” one of the eyewitnesses narrated.

 He continued by saying “due to how close the cars where the guy was not able to move his car, they pushed him to one side and kept shooting at him holding everyone back, after which they just sat on their motorbikes and just left. Residents then took the guy who was soaked in blood to the nearest Hospital “

The police have however commenced an investigation into the issues.

Scooper will follow keenly and bring you updates as they unfold.

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