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The brouhaha continues as Bullet threatens to sue MS Forson

The two have managed to stay on the news over “why MS Forson left Rufftown Records”. Click here to read all about their beef.

It all started when MS Forson revealed on a TV interview how the Bullet requested $50,000 from her in order to promote and boost her brand. watch that internet here. She also told celebrity blogger Zion Felix in another interview how Bullet forced her to leave her husband. read about that here.

Bullet later came out confirming this, and why he asked for $100,000 from MS Forson and her Husband. see what he said here.

In a statement shared by Bullet on social media, he and his lawyers have called for MS Forson to retract all false statements she’s made about him to the pres and apologize also.

See the statement released by Bullet’s lawyers below.

post by: Kojo Amakye for thedistin.com.
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