Hong Kong politician’s ear bitten off as anti-government protesters clash with police in the shopping center


A HONG Kong politician had his ear bitten off and at least three others were injured in a knife attack as protesters clashed with police in a shopping center.

Lo Kin-Hei, the vice-chairperson of the democratic party of Hong Kong, said district councillor Andrew Chiu had been injured after an assailant appeared to bite off part of his ear.

Andrew Chiu receives help from first aiders after being injured in a knife attack at a shopping centre

The attacker appeared to bite off Dr Chiu’s ear

Pictures taken in and around the City Plaza shopping centre on Hong Kong island’s Taikoo district, show wounded protesters and a discarded knife where a peaceful protest had been taking place as part of the ongoing pro-democracy campaign.

Dr Chiu, who oversees the Taikoo Shing area and had been supporting the protesters, was seen covered in blood and his severed ear held in a plastic bag.

Footage of the incident shows the attacker clinging around the politician’s neck during the apparent assault while protesters tried to overpower the assailant by punching and throwing him to the ground.

the knifeman is reportedly the same person who attacked Dr Chiu.

The attack has been blamed on opponents of the protests that have been taking place in the semi-autonomous state since March.

At least four people were injured during the knife attack at the Taikoo shopping centre

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