“Legalize Ganja” Yvonne Nelson Charges At Government | See Her Reason


Probably the last thing you expected to hear from the Yaa Asantewaa of our generation.

In a radio interview on Class FM, the Ghanaian actress has advocated for Marijuana to be legalized in the country for medicinal purposes.

Yvonne explains how she has done a little bit of research about glaucoma and found out how the banned drug could actually somehow be a cure for it.

“I have a glaucoma foundation and while reading and researching, I realised that marijuana actually helps with glaucoma, it’s really a natural remedy that helps bring the pressures down. I believe in other places in the world they control the dosage and all of that”

So, for health reasons if we can control it then yeah, they can legalise it, but I think people just abuse it and that’s where I have a problem with it. But it helps with a lot of diseases and illnesses.”

She said

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post by: Kojo Amakye for thedistin.com.
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