“You will go blind and die” Prophet Curses Mmebusem Jesus


Is this the typical Ghanaian “pull-him-down” attitude or a true prophet of God with a message to be taken seriously.

Mmebusem has been receiving backlash from all angles since he started a trend on social media making short “Jesus Films” [in twi].

Another random Prophet by name Prophet Obrempong CP is saying that God has revealed to him that if Ghanaian comedian Mmebusem does not stop making his funny skits about Jesus, he and his entire family will face the full wrath of God.

He further states how he will be blinded and die in the year 2021.

God has spoken and reveals things to me about him. This is defamation of the name of Christ. He has caused spiritual contempt, this is pure blasphemy.

God is going to sweep him and his descendants if he doesn’t put a stop to it. What Mmebusem is doing is forbidden.

By 2021, Mmebusem will be seriously affected if he ignores this revelation by God including his generations.

God has revealed to me that Mmebusem will go blind if he continues to ridicule Jesus. The heavenly bodies are angry

he said in the video.

Watch Prophet Obrempong CP do his thing in the video below.

post by: Kojo Amakye for thedistin.com.
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