Watch: Fantana Jams To Wendy Shay’s “Kut It” But We Thought They Were Beefing

Watch: Fantana Jams To Wendy Shay’s “Kut It” But We Thought They Were Beefing


Is it just me who thought Wendy Shay and Fantana were beefing??

Fantana was alleged to have gotten kicked out Bullet’s Rufftown Records after speaking trash of him [and his label in an interview], read about her departure here. 

Also, Bullet posted a logo of his brand and wrote the names of Wendy Shay and Ray Jay as his only signees with the caption “KUT IT KUT IT KUT IT KUT IT”… meaning… cutting off Fantana from the team… you know.

She threatened to expose Bullet and Wendy in an Instagram post when this news broke. read how she threatened to expose Wendy Shay and Bullet in an Instagram post.

Adding to it she unfollowed both Bullet and Wendy Shay.

In a video shared to her Instagram story hours ago, she’s seen singing along and performing to Wendy’s latest single, “Kut It”…

Now we are just left with questions, did they squash the beef?? check out the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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Fantana jams to Wendy Shay's Kit it #thedistin

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