Poor Mother shares how a 35 year-old man raped her 3 year old daughter | Video

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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Anytime I read or watch a video on how victims share their stories on how a full grown man rape girls who can possibly be their daughters, I ask myself are these men alright in the head..?

A mother speaking to celebrity blogger, Zionfelix shares the pain she’s going as a 35 year old man raped her 3 year old daughter on three occasions.

According to her, due to the harsh conditions in her village she relocated to Accra with a help of woman who got a job at a chop bar inside Kwabenya Estates.

She shared one day whiles she had finish bathing for her three year old daughter she also decided to go take her bath when her daughter came complaining to her that she could not urinate and that a guy by name “Akwasi” had fingered her.

Upon her examination, she realized that her daughter’s private part was sore.