‘God Is Wicked If He Brings Back Mahama’ Nana Addo Jabs | Watch Video

‘God Is Wicked If He Brings Back Mahama’ Nana Addo Jabs | Watch Video


President Nana Addo in a new video has thrown some heavy shots at ex-president John Mahama and his NDC government.

John Mahama in a recent statement said that God brought NPP and Nana Addo into power so Ghanaians can appreciate the National Democratic Congress (NDC) more.

As a direct reply to this statement, the president states that “God will be very wicked to bring back the NDC government into power.”

My predecessor, John Mahama said that God brought the NPP so that Ghanaians can appreciate the NDC… Ghana has moved on to a new era of hope and progress. We have a leader who has no record…who has no prescription for the future, no policies for the future.

We have never heard any policy coming from this leader about what is going to happen in the future…always negativity that is all we hear, Ghanaians have moved on. God is not so wicked to punish Ghanaians again with the rule of John Mahama and the NDC that is not what God is going to do

the president said

Watch Nana Addo’s video below.

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