“She stole my song to Black Avenue” Bullet Exposes MS Forson


Bullet is back at throwing attacks at his former Label signee MS Forson.

It all started when MS Forson revealed on a TV interview how the Bullet requested $50,000 from her in order to promote and boost her brand. watch that internet here. She also told celebrity blogger Zion Felix in another interview how Bullet forced her to leave her husband. read about that here.

Bullet later came out confirming this, and why he asked for $100,000 from MS Forson and her Husband. see what he said here.

Bullet later sent out a statement from his lawyer to MS Forson, asking her to retract her statement which she did. see MS Forson’s retraction statement here.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on HITZ FM about the whole brouhaha surrounding her and MS Forson, Bullet has disclosed that most of the things the female singer said about him on TV and other Web channels are all false. Adding that she even stole a hook they both worked on.

she even stole a hook we did together as she left for Black Avenue Musik.

He said

Do you think this beef will go anywhere soon? tell us in the comments section?

post by: Kojo Amakye for thedistin.com.
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