Video Of Salma Mumin And Kalybos Doing Things Pops Up | People are Talking | Watch

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What the Heaven is going on in this video?

So Salma Mumin has shared a video oh herself in a bedroom with Ghanaian comedy actor Kalybos. But it’s no ordinary video.

Kalybos is seeing dressing in the back while Salma is just pointing her camera everywhere.

I just have questions right? how did the two end up here? and what went down before they turned the camera on?

It is only @kalybos1 that I can do this with and still be safe ? he won’t even ……. the sister and brother zone Distin is too deep!

Salma captioned her post.

I present to you the couple you might have not expected!!

Check out the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section.