Angela Okorie Was A Side Chick To A Rich Married Man | List Of Men Angela Has Dated Pops Up

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List Of Rich Married Men Actress Angela Okorie Has Dated Causes A Stir On The Internet

Angela Okorie’s attack by hired robbers has turned a topic on everyone’s lips.

Over the weekend, Angela Okorie experienced her tragic moments ever in her life. She was attacked by armed men who according to her sprayed pellets in her car and her head.

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Many netizens think the actress was following a married man after she was warned multiple times by the wife of the married man.

According to a new gist, Angela Okorie refused to leave her ‘Zaddy’ and also made an attempt to blackmail him.

Popular Nigerian blogger Cutie_Julls has corroborated with the claim, dropping a list of married men the Nollywood actress has dated and became stubborn of not leaving them alone.

Read her gist below;

‘God knows I feel Angela’s pains and I wish those hoodlums will be arrested and made to face the law.

‘But side-chics, stop being stubborn. When it’s time to leave, stop making stupid demands.

‘Typical example is this same Angela. I remember early this year when the owner of Bay Lounge in Lekki wanted to walk off after catching his fun. Angela no gree. She told the man to pay her for using her. Forgetting all the money the man showered on her during their fun times. She even went to the man’s wife’s page on IG and followed her. Started commenting on her pics and famzing. When the man confronted her, she insisted on getting paid. I know this and Angela knows I know this. Most of the gist, we try to solve it back door. The man had to block Angela on his wife’s IG account. Paid Angela her initial request o. But guess what? Angela kept demanding for more and more anytime she needs money. Same thing with Pastor Chidi. Tell Angela you want a breakup and you and she will start demanding for pay off cash which you will never finish paying if you’re not stubborn like her. Even actor Frank Artus was Angela’s victim at one point. The guy no see room to breath. Not monetary demands o. Not at all. Angela just didn’t want to accept for the guy to walk away.

‘See Angela has my full support and sympathy on this attack but clearly she needs to change some of her ways. Angela, biko, we need you alive. This your attack dey pain me wella.’

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