Pastor Love Breaks Silence. Says Obaapa Christy Is A Husband Snatcher, Arrested Him And Nearly Slapped Him | Video

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Pastor Love finally shares his side of the story with his ex-wife Obaapa Christy.

In an interview on Oman Channel on YouTube, Pastor Love revealed that he married Obaapa Christy in the year 2000 when she was 21 years of age. Pastor Love also said that Christy’s family were staying at Suame and he was residing at Bantama, Kumasi.

According to Pastor Love, Obaapa Christy’s family were not financially stable. “I never saw Ghc100 in the family, it was full of bones of a meat without any flesh”, Pastor Love described Obaapa Christy’s family as such.

According to Pastor Love, Christiana Love now Obaapa Christy was only good at singing and nothing else. She had no phone at that time of our marriage and I got those stuff for her, he said. I bought Opel frontera 4×4 for her to use in her ministry.

Pastor Love disclosed that he helped Obaapa to record most of her old hit songs including “Oko yi ntumi nko”, “Metease” among many others.

Pastor Love also revealed that he drove Obaapa to every single place she was going since he was the one managing her musical career and also it was purposeful for the betterment of our marriage.

In the interview, emotionally, Pastor Love said that he helped Christy to travel to aboard where they had one son born there and then she used to take care of some documents which belongs to their child.

Pastor Love said that all of a sudden, he received hatred from Christy’s family when Obaapa Christy became famous. Later they even thought he was spending her money forgetting he’s been married to her and he has helped her before.

According to Pastor Love, just recently, Obaapa Christy said she was the one who was acting the role of a father. Be it that she was used to feeding him and their family. This happened when she (Obaapa Christy) became famous.

Around 2011, Pastor Love disclosed that he had a call from a lady in Germany telling him his wife was in the verge of snatching her husband.

Pastor Love disclosed that the woman who called him on phone from Germany had a husband called Nana Frankie who was also planning to leave her for Obaapa Christy.

According to Pastor Love, through all these periods they had not filed for a divorce. They did that just Three to Four months.

Watch video of Pastor Love sharing his side of the story below