Nigerian ‘Pono’ actress reveals why she stopped acting ‘Pono’ with Kingtblakhoc

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Maamilgbagbo, former girlfriend of renowned Nigerian ‘Atopa’ actor, Kingtblakhoc has revealed why she stopped acting with him.

The story of Maamilgbagbo is very tragic as to why she decided to be a character in explicit videos.

According to her, she joined Kingtblakhoc when her mother passed away.

Considering the economic growth in Nigeria at that time, it became a headache on her that she had no option to join Kingtblakhoc.

Maamilgbagbo asserted that Kingtblakhoc was her ‘savior’ during her hardships and she had no other options than to be his girlfriend.

The two former lovers received several bashes from Nigerians but they kept a deaf ear to their critics.

Maamilgbagbo in this latest video disclosed that she stayed with Kingtblakhoc in his tough times where their apartment got seized until they got new ones among many others.

Kingtblakhoc‘ ex girlfriend Maamilgbagbo has revealed she had to leave him because he kept introducing new faces of women.

Also she disclosed that most of the women had infections and she feared she might get infected by her boyfriend, Kingtblakhoc.

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