‘Ghana Jesus’ Agrees To Work With Salinko Again After Settling Their Dispute | Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Salinko and Mmebusem aka ‘Ghana Jesus’ after smoking peace pipe go on same mindset to work together again in “Boys Abr3” series.

Mmebusem’s new ‘Ghana Jesus’ skirts originated from ‘Boy Abr3’ series. Due to some issues, the two had a misunderstanding that made them went on their separate ways.

A new video circulating on social media shows Mmebusem hilariously confirming that he’s ever ready to work with Salinko.

According to him (Mmebusem), all those that Salinko brought in the series during the time of their misunderstanding are all fake and he is the original.

This was disclosed after Salinko asked him whether he is coming back or they should look for a new Jesus.

Watch video below;