Princess Shyngle tells the story of her life | Reveals how famous she became after her surgery.

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This is why Gambian actress Princess Shyngle underwent liposuction.

Princess Shingle eventually revealed the tale of herself and why she underwent certain changes in her body.

Controversial actress Princess Shyngle is beginning her new year with full attention on Instagram as she tuned herself into a full-time blogger to share some dirty secrets about her fellow actresses.

She has created her blog account on Instagram with the name Princessshyngleblog and in addition, she has created a website to get her new business on going.

Well, since she is fully set to talk about celebrities and their flaws, she commenced talking about herself.

According to Princess Shyngle, she came to Ghana purposely to become a star in acting as an actress but her aim relapsed into bad ways.

According to her, film producers and directors did not give her any role in their scripts because at that time she was lean and formless.

Princess Shyngle spilling her own tea, revealed that she had accumulated a lot of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms after liposuction.

She was called back by film directors and producer who snubbed her for movie roles, among many others according to a post she shared.

Stating what she had obtained from her liposuction, she revealed that she had acquired a Porsche. Once, following her liposuction, she began to live larger and fly around the globe.

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After this shocking news, she posted a pre-and post-photo of herself, revealing that most actresses had undergone liposuction, but fabricated their lifestyle, because the film industry could not give them the wealth they display on Instagram.