Princess Shyngle exposes female celebs who have undergone buttock Surgery

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Actresses who went under the knives to increase their ass, revealed by Princess Shyngle.

From another angle, Gambian actress and model Princess Shyngle is ending her film career as a full-time blogger as she launched her own blog site and Instagram page for gossips.

She said that no actress can stay stable from anywhere and flaunts cars and mansions without having to sleep with rich men.

In addition, she trended on social media platforms for a whole 24 hours after she made those comments.

She went on to say that she is going to spill the tea on some actresses on social media who are faking their lifestyles.

She continued her gossip with female celebrities who are have suffered under knives before to look good in their body shapes.

In her first four lists, it included –
a Ghanaian actress and other Nigerian actresses.

Checkout the photos below:

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