A chat between Fella Makafui and her male fan who wants to replace Medikal in her life


A fan begs Fella Makafui to give him the chance to replace Medikal.

On Fella Makafui’s dm on Instagram, this secret admirer shoots his shot but it wasn’t his time.

Reacting to this, Fella Makafui in her depressed mood stated that she will block him and his entire generation.

The meaning of the word ‘block’ in her statements has a question mark as to whether she intended to say she will curse or block on social media.

The Instagram user messaged Fella Makafui directly, he wrote:

Charley, am single oo what’s up, forget Medikal this is KHEWESI STORM, ago love you make you die

Fella Makafui sent the dm on her Instagram stories and wrote:

Respect yourself enough not to send me this kinda message. I will block you and your entire generation with all due respect. T for Thanks

See screenshot below:

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