‘Foolish copier’ – Sister Derby totally murders Fella Makafui on her break up with Medikal


Sister Derborah calls Fella Makafui a noddy copier.

Sister Derby happily murders Fella Makafui on Twitter on her break up with Medikal.

Fella Makafui and Medikal’s break up news has turned a household name.

Many are of the thoughts that the two are keeping Ghanaians in suspense of their project and in order to get the entire nation’s awareness they’ve started that with a publicity stunt.

Other bloggers have revealed that their break up news is nothing but the truth.

Just like Sister Derborah left unexpectedly, Fella Makafui is also leaving to the shock of Ghanaians.

The titles ‘Soutuom Jay-Z’ and ‘Kpando Beyonce’ reached no where even though many wished they could be Ghana’s version of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

In Fella Makafui’s break up news with her former beau, Medikal, Sister Deborah is undoubtedly the most happiest person in hearing this.

On Twitter, Sister Deborah still tagged Fella Makafui as a copier but this time she harshly said that.

A fan of Sister Derborah asked her whether Fella Makafui has liked her tweet.

She replied that there’s no way she like her tweet because Fella Makafui has blocked her on all social media platforms the two are on.

On the same tweet, Sister Deborah called Fella Makafui a noddy copier.

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