Ghanaian Pastor caught in bed trying to sleep with his church elder’s wife | Video


A Ghanaian pastor busted with his church elder’s wife for an attempt to do otherwise.

The identity of the pastor is not known, but it was shown in a video viewed by that the woman who was the victim was his church elder’s wife.

In a video that was obviously set up for the priest, he was filmed removing his clothes to get into practice.

The old man whose wife was caught in the act never spoke in the video, he looked completely stunned.

The pastor clarified that he is a human being, even though he had a church and members, he also has feelings.

Why is notifying that it was a set up probably tarnish the image of the pastor, is that in the earlier part of the video, the elder’s wife told them to enter the hotel room they had booked.

Men who caught the man were seen filming him through the video, and they also said that if he makes any attempt to run, they’re going to beat him up.

Watch video below for more information:

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