Reasons why billionaire Cacudu Benson abandoned his first wife to suffer poverty pops up


Allegedly, Cacudu Benson’s first wife, Esther Aiworo, cheated on him.

In our previous posts, when a woman was pictured shedding tears, we announced that her billionaire husband had left her to live in poverty.

Well, you can watch the woman crying and begging in our earlier post here

A new gist spotted reveals that Esther Aiworo, the alleged first of Cacudu Benson chested on him with their gateman.

The new gist also revealed that Cacudu Benson worshiped Esther Aiworo to the extent that he offered her everything he could.

According to the new gist, Esther Aiworo felt that she was been abandoned because the business man was not giving her the needed attention in their marriage.

Again, the new gist explains further revealing that Esther Aiworo in her first video that captured her mercilessly crying she have included her begging Cacudu Benson for forgiveness also.

From the new gist, Cacudu Benson could not stand the disgrace in Abuja where he lives with Esther Aiworo and also in Nigeria but packed his belongings to Benin.

Cacudu Benson is an Edo Billionaire, a socialist and owner of the Royal Marble hotel in the city of Benin.

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