Ibrah One reacts to Kan Dapaah’s Leaked Video chat with his Side Chick

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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The Slay Queen who leaked the video is having a child’s brain, Ibrah One says.

About a few hours ago, we shared an interesting story of a video chat between a Slay Queen and the Minister of the National Security, Mr. Albert Kan Dapaah that hit social media after the slay queen decided to leak the video.

Since the video hit social media, Mr. Kan Dapaah has reacted to the video indicating that he was baiting the young girl.

However, actress Yvonne Nelson has hipped praises on the slay queen for releasing the videoand A plus has called for the resignation of the Minister of National Security.

Interestingly, we at thedistin.com have sighted photos purported to be the slay queen who leaked the video on social media. click here to see the Slay Queen’s photos

Business mogul, Ibrah One has responded to Kan Dapaah’s leaked video chat.

Ibrah One went hard on the alleged side chick of the Minister as he describes her actions as a having a child’s brain.

According to Ibrah One, A Plus’ idea of the Minister resigning is not needed.

In a Snapchat and an INstagram post, he wrote:

‘I prefer to be discussed 1 whole month with people talking sh*t about me than to give $1 to some useless Slay Queen who did not work for it.

This Slay Queen is a fool having a child’s brain.

Albert Kan Dapaah should even go in for more younger Slay Queens. Something must kill a man.

Those fools saying Hon. Kan Dapaah should resign over the leaked video, what do you seek to achieve?

What has he done in the video to cause a resignation?

Allow the good man to have peace of mind.’

See his post below: