Juju Man From Fella Makafui’s Hometown Threatens To Deal With Medikal | Photos


‘Becareful on how you treat our daughter from the soils’, Torgbi Agbemenya warns Medikal.

Ghanaian musician Agbeshie, who released a song ‘Wrowroho’ with Medikal served as the intermediary of a message specially for Medikal only.

Torgbi Agbemenya from Klikor-Afegame, a town located within the Volta Region in the Ketu South Municipality who is from Ghana’s ‘stronghold for juju’ detailed how they have been monitoring their daughter.

Musician Agbeshie who had a WhatsApp conversation with the priest was even afraid, but he told the Chief that he would send the message to Medikal.

Torgbi Agbemenya said without fear that Fella Makafui is from their soil and therefore needs to be protected.

The Chief strongly and angrily from WhatsApp conversation said:

We the eye of the region are watching everything far from how so he should be very careful

See screenshots below:

Well, Medikal is trying all he can to win Fella Makafui’s love back.

Medikal has featured Kidi on his latest apologetic song ‘Come Back’ as he keeps pleading for forgiveness from Fella Makafui.

post by: Dwomoh Dennis for thedistin.com.
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