A-Plus Exposes Liwin For Using ‘Attaa Adwoa’ Song To Unlawfully Advertise For ABSA/Barclays Bank

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Kwame A-Plus has exposed greedy Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin for cheating on Bosom P-Jung.

Comic actor and musician, Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin has been again accused of cheating and this time is on young rapper, Bosom P-Jung, by using his viral song to advertise for Barclays Bank.

Using the intellectual property of someone without their permission is called theft and that is what Nkansah Liwin was found guilty of.

He used rising rapper, Bosom P-Jung’s ‘Attaa Adwoa’ song in a new video which he mimicked the exact gestures of the rapper to advertise for a brand, ABSA.

Watch: Nkansah Liwin Does A Cover Of ‘Attaa Adwoa’ By Bosom P-Jung

ABSA is a South African corporation that will take over Barclays Bank and that will shortly be changing its name to ABSA Bank.

Liwin’s video suggested that the bank has contacted him to be its brand ambassador as a logo of the brand was placed in his video.

Controversial political and singer Kwame A-Plus has called out the bank and the Kumawood actor for their unlawful act in a lengthy explanation with the video.

Kwame A-Plus fired at the Kumawood Actor saying Bosom, who is a new star in the industry, was not well received.

Kwame A-Plus wrote:

Shame on You Barclays Bank/Absa!!

When you are trying to make it nobody sees your struggle. Nobody will be there to help you. Nobody will cry with you. Immediately you make it, companies and individuals will find ways to take advantage of you.

If you complain they say you are controversial or arrogant. Yeah, as for me, per the Ghanaian definition of arrogance, I’m very very arrogant. I won’t allow you to cheat or take advantage of me. Don’t think of it.

This is shameful Barclays Bank. @bosom_pyung is a young poor boy who has hustled to make it. This guy has gone through a lot. If you find his song important in your change from Barclays Bank to Absa, at least sit down with the guy and pay him. Can you do this in South Africa where you came from to take over Barclays Bank?

I know you’ll say you don’t know anything about it. That is the plan. “Let Lilwin do a video with the song. We will pretend we don’t know anything about it. It will go viral…..”

See screenshots below: