Amount Cristiano Ronaldo Gives His Girlfriend Each Month Just To Live A Lavish Life Revealed

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Cristiano Ronaldo gives his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, $100,000 each month. has been told that Juventus striker, Cristiano Ronaldo gifts Georgina Rodriguez an amount which is equivalent to $100,000 every blessed month just to live a good lifestyle. did the quick google conversion $100,000 equals roughly Ghc555,000 a month that Georgina Rodriguez gets to spend to help her live a lavish lifestyle.

That’s such an outrageous number when you hear it out loud.

Since the renowned footballer is considered with no doubts that he’s one of the well paid sportsmen in the world, it is a chump change for Ronaldo, but $103,000 per month just to live a lavish lifestyle, What ?!!.

Let’s check out some of the lavish lifestyles of Georgina Rodriguez below: