Zambian Businessman, Haruperi’s Bugatti Veyron Seized; His Source Of Income Now Being Investigated | Video + Photos

Ian Chamunorwa Nyarungwe Haruperi’s Bugatti Veyron seized by Zambia authorities.

Zambian authorities have confiscated a $2.8 m Bugatti Veyron that arrived on Monday 24 February from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

In a statement released on Wednesday 26 February by Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission, it was found that the agency is investigating the owner of the luxury car’s source of income to ensure that there is no violation of its money laundering laws.

The investigation is still ongoing. Here is the statement below;

The fast trending news on this luxurious car got the team members and staff at to make more enquiry on who the owner is and per information gathered it belongs to a Zambian businessman, Ian Chamunorwa Nyarungwe Haruperi.

Documents from the Zambia Revenue Authority show that Zambian businessman called Ian Chamunorwa Nyarungwe Haruperi brought in the much talked about high-value car, the Bugatti Veyron.

On the documents of the Zambian Revenue Authority (ZRA), it shows that the car is older than 5 years as he only paid K41,000 as a duty.

The vehicle had been airfreighted and brought in via Emirate Airline and landed on Monday at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

See more information about the businessman who owns the car; his sources of income and more, click here.

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