Shatta Wale Turns A Pastor Because Of Coronavirus; He Preaches In Public

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Shatta Wale spreads the word of God on Twitter to his fans.

The deadly pandemic virus, Coronavirus, also known as Covid 19 has indeed created panic among Ghanaians and the entire world.

To many Christians, it’s a sign of the end time that the Bible always says.

Ghanaian controversial dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has also used the opportunity to remind his fans that just like the Holy Bible says, it’s indeed a sign of the end time and also asked his followers to repent from their sins.

On Twitter this very morning, the social media freak and noisy artiste took time off his busy schedules to interacts with his huge fan base.

Below are some of his gospel messages he shared to his fans on Twitter:

Shatta Wale speaks on repentance:

Here, Shatta Wale urged Ghanaians to have salvation because in these hard times like we are currently facing from the spread of the Coronavirus and noted that it’s only God we should all put our hope on:

Shatta Wale then made people aware that we should all fear God. He tends to preach the awareness that Christians must fear God and not the disease:

Shatta Wale made reference to himself when he shares the Gospel on stage in most of his energetic performances:

He noted that mankind is evil and unappreciative and hence God has turned his wrath on us:

Pastor Shatta Wale again noted that in these end times, God’s followers are adhering to His word and the people full of worldly things are turning to men for secure:

On his normal bragging days, here he meant he prophesied about this whole scary moments happening currently in the world in one of his songs, but Ghanaians insulted him:

Pastor Shatta Wale ended his Gospel by ensuring his fans to be cautious and careful as the world awaits the anti virus to this deadly virus: