“Ban On Social Gatherings Will Affect Finances Of Churches Negatively” – Rev. Stephen Yenusom Wengam

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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Reverend Stephen Yenusom Wengam who’s the lead pastor of the Cedar Mountain Chapel of the Assemblies of God at East Legon has reacted after President Nana Akufo Addo placed a ban on church activities.

According to Rev. Wengan, the ban on social gatherings which includes churches would affect the finances of the church negatively.

He noted in an interview on Citi FM that members would not be able to pay their tithes and offerings so how will the church be able to cover its bills?

Rev Wengam quizzed in a radio interview with Citi FM;

It’s going to affect us seriously because how are we going to pay the bills?,”

Reacting Rev Wengam said:

Don’t forget, I have about seven members of staff, how are we going to pay them? Because we pay them through tithe and offering, utility bills, how are we going to pay? Maintenance?