Beef Alert: Sister Deborah Clashes With Berla Mundi On Twitter | Here’s Everything You Need To Know

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for
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Sister Derby has warned Berla Mundi not to spread her weakness to others after they clashed over opinions on finding the right husband.

It all started when the TV3 broadcaster shared a screenshot of a viral comment that says “believe it or not women with fewer friends make a good wife” and asked her followers on Twitter if the comment is true.⁠

Sister Derby showed up to reply to Miss Mundi’s tweet asking that “what about abusive husbands who prefer their wives with fewer friends so they can beat their wives in peace? No one to advise their wives for their own betterment.”⁠

Responding to Derby’s question, Berla Mundi wrote “That’s the other side of the issue too. But it means you should have a few good friends that can advise you the right way” and her comment didn’t land at the right place for the African mermaid who described Berla’s tweet as one that seeks to spread her weakness to other people.⁠

“If you are looking for a husband who will control your life, don’t come and spread your weakness to us”. She tweeted in reply to the broadcaster and that has fast attracted a mixed reaction from tweeps.

Some believe Derby’s tweet is offensive and must apologize to Berla Mundi whilst others think it is a harmless tweet.⁠