“Obinim Sleeps With His Wife’s Sister” – Kennedy Agyapong Exposes Him Big Time | Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Kennedy Agyapong has alleged that Angel Obinim ‘chops’ his wife’s sister.

Wow, if you like beef more than Thedistin.com teams, you’re yet to be born or maybe we’re following your footsteps, lol.

As it stands now, whatever actually brought their beef is still undercover by our Team but currently, this is how things are going now.

Because Bishop Obinim said he found a cure for the deadly coronavirus, Kennedy Agyapong and the man of God were hitting one another. Watch this video here.

Disgusted by the matter, Kennedy Agyapong shattered and called Obinim for playing around a serious illness on live television. See the response Kennedy gave to Obinim here.

Apparently the leader of the International God’s Way Church has called Kennedy to beg him to not stretch the whole issue any longer.

Meanwhile, Kennedy says in an interview that he has a number of girlfriends of the man of God and threatens to release them on Live TV if he is dared, click to watch video.

What Made Bishop Daniel Obinim To Insult Honorable Kennedy Agyapong As His Reply?

Well, at a point, Obinim and his young pastors called Honorable Kennedy Agyapong to render an apology to him.

It seems Bishop Daniel Obinim didn’t receive one allegation from Kennedy Agyapong in peace.

According to Obinim, Kennedy Agyapong disrespected his father by stating that he has a big scar on his leg.

Obinim again stated that his father is about 17 years older than Kennedy Agyapong and for him to insult his father (Agya Bonsu) was an uncalled for act from the minister, click here to watch video.

Kennedy Agyapong has replied Obinim with a serious bombshell.

On Kennedy Agyapong’s own television, Net 2 Tv today, March 23, on the show “The Seat With Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’, he said Obinim was sleeping with the Sister of his own wife.

Well, since in Obinim’s reply to Kennedy Agyapong was full of insults, Ken also came in strongly this time and pledged to get Obinim arrested over some old video of him assaulting his church members with his waist belt.

Also in the video available to Thedistin.com, Kennedy Agyapong said he’s been monitoring Obinim if he will ever defy the government’s ban on social gathering to have a church service and if he does, he will deal with him.

This whole beef is not ending sooner than we expected because Kennedy Agyapong once said “When I sleep, I dream about money and fights” and since Angel Obinim is also controversial, all we can say is to stay tuned to Thedistin.com for more gists.

Watch video below: