(VIDEO) A Ghanaian Doctor In America Advice To Prez Akuffo Addo And Ghanaians On Corona Virus And Best Ways To Handle The Spread


A video sited by thedistin.com spotted a Ghanaian doctor giving advice to his continents (AFRICA) especially his country’s president on how to manage the widespread of the deadly coronavirus.

He stated it clearly that no amount of money pump into health sectors can solve the spread when it gets out of hands, that is when infected people do not report themselves to health centers and be screened and tested.

He said these in the video and sited example on how some of the world powerhouses are suffering despite the technical know-how in terms of health facilities they poses and are available at their disposal.

The doctor, however, did not mention his name in the video but said a lot and cautions African leader especially President Akuffo Addo to take his advice in order to save his people from calamity

He also said there is even a shortage of the provision of protective items of clothing and kits which the attendants to coronavirus patience will put on due to the pandemic, and some of these doctors are nurses are allowed to use the same mask after use.

He advises the president to commence the mass testing, pump the 100million USD he has voted out into mass testing so as to grip and fetch out all infected persons since that will be the only way to prevent the virus spreading. He also cited examples of countries who did not take this measure and waited for more cases to be reported to the various hospitals and the effects of that, especially, Italy and China.

He then asks Ghanaians to take this very serious as is taking away precious live o people even some doctors who are attending to these patients

Watch the video below :

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