Is Sydney Talker Coronavirus Positive? | Everything We Know

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After experiencing several symptoms of the deadly coronavirus, popular Nigerian comedian, Sydney Talker has shared his experience as he wonders whether or not he is Covid-19 positive.

What Happened To Sydney

In a series of tweets posted by Syndey on Twitter, he tells his followers [what a nightmare] it was for him to get treatment after experiencing several symptoms of coronavirus.

He shared how he was referred from hospital to hospital without any treatment, …and even taken as a joke at some hospitals he went to get treatment. See in screenshots below.

Is Sydney Talker Coronavirus Positive?

After battling with short breath and coughs and other symptoms of covid-19 Sydney has since sent samples to be tested by health professionals, and is currently waiting for the result.

So for now “No”, Sydney Talker has not been infected by the coronavirus.


Backing up his claims of everything that happened during the time his symptoms were at the peek, Sydney took to Twitter to share videos. Watch below.