A Widow Cries As She Tells How A Security Personnel Beat Her For Flouting Lockdown Rules In Accra | Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Security Personnel deployed to patrol a lockdown places in Accra beat a widow for defying Government’s directives in CMB, Accra.

Barbaric acts of some deployed military forces and Police have risen on a higher level in the first-two days of lockdown in Ghana.

A woman has shedded tears caused by a young security personnel whom could have been her mother for taking the wrong route to her destination after she went to the market to get foodstuffs.

According to the woman, she’s aware there’s a lockdown in the country due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus but decided to get some foodstuffs for her family because she’s a widow and cannot die of hunger.

From the video as the woman was narrating what happened to her, stated that, she had finished purchasing what she went to the market for but took the wrong road which made a security personnel to use a ‘wood’ to beat her.

The video is devastated to the extent that the widow cried pitifully.

It seems some security personnels (soldiers and police men) deployed to monitor civilians have taken it as an opportunity to make for themselves their own rules by humiliating some ‘ignorant’ people meanwhile they could educate themselves.

Watch video below: