This Is The Kwesi Arthur Leak Everyone Is Talking About

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So today, 1st April 2020, we’ve been getting a lot of search traffic to our website from a Kwesi Arthur leaked video we shared some time ago. See that video here.

We reported on the previous controversy in the video below, where a lady made tons of allegations against the young Ghanaian singer. read more here

Where To Find The Video Of Kwesi Arthur Chopping Efia Odo

Sorry to announce to you if you haven’t caught on already, but there is no chopping video Kwesi Arthur,

…Today is April Fools Day and Some Dude Somewhere Has Decided To Prank The Whole Internet And It Seems To Have Worked Perfect For Them

That is why the videos going around on Whatsapp is all blurred.

So that’s it, go find something better to do with your life and stop searching for a Kwkesi Arthur leaked video because there is nothing like that on the internet, …yet!!

Anyway share this post with someone as an April Fool’s joke, and come back to tell me How it goes.