Soldier Attacked By Warri Boys For Killing Newly Engaged Man Amid Lockdown | Video

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A Nigerian Soldier was almost killed by Warri boys for allegedly killing an innocent man who went out to buy medicine for his newly engaged finance.

Due to the wild spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria, the government had no other option but to call out for a two weeks lockdown in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Ever since the government deployed the security officials like policemen and shoulder men to implement the government decisions, things have gone worse, these officials are rather abusing the citizens instead of making them understand the significance of staying home during this lockdown.

Now It has been alleged that just this morning a Nigerian military man just killed a newly engaged man who decided to go out and get some medicine for his pregnant wife.

Here is a video of how the military man was attacked by the Warri boys with anger and almost killed him for allegedly killing an innocent man, we don’t blame them, the security officers are not being professional either. anger always leads to something else.

With the way, the security officials are taking the law into their own hands, the likelihood of this repeating is high because human beings are definitely the most difficult creatures to control.

It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the security official deployed to implement this decision, understands their role, they are simply being abusive and unprofessional.

Protecting the citizens does not mean they should maltreat them as if they went to military training with them.

This whole lockdown is something difficult for everybody to do so they should relax their angry muscles and handle every situation with professionalism.

Here is a video of what happened including the car the young man was driving, we can see blood and almost everywhere in the car especially the driver’s seat and the driving wheel.