This Is The Hardship Praye Tiatia’s Wife, Selly Galley Puts Him Through Before Serving Him With Food | Videos

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Videos of actress and fashionista, Selly Galley making her husband, Praye Tiatia, to sweep before giving him food to eat pop up on social media.

Though Ghana is fighting Coronavirus and is currently under lockdown, one way we’re getting amused is how some of the little stuff our celebrities are doing in their near corners are being handled.

There have been several videos from our celebrities as they spend most of their time home.

Many of them are always releasing videos onto their TitTok accounts and also uploading them on Instagram as means of entertaining themselves and their followers.

Many too are the real characters they show behind the cameras since they do not have movie roles to play or go out to luxury places to take nice photos.

Ghanaian musician Praye Tiatia’s wife, Selly Galley has shared a video of her husband sweeping their house whilst she sits and sip wine.

Though the first video doesn’t capture her, Selly Galley noted by her caption that’s what she was doing whilst her husband sweep.

Selly Galley wrote:

‘Making good use of him this quarantine period ?. But @prayetietia is really good with chores, really good ?… as I write with folded legs sipping my lemon ????
Good morning and happy new month from the Fiawoos ?


Watch the video below:

Another video of them has hit the net and this time it’s going to make a lot of people jealous as Praye Tietia is served with a big earthenware loaded with local dish (Bankye, brodie3 and mankeni Ampesi and garden-eggs stew).

Praye Tietia was seen in the video mocking those laughing at him when he was sweeping asking them to help with the house chores and enjoy as he does.

Watch video below: