Couple Caught Doing “the distin’ In A Bush Beg For Video To Be Deleted

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Shocking as a video of a Ghanaian couple circulating social media shows the two doing atopa in the middle of a forest.

So on this fine day, I’m browsing social media, …bored of all the negativity online, the plenty coronavirus news, and police/military brutality ongoing because of the lockdown in Ghana, then I come across this fresh video which seems to be going fast viral.

A guy with his partner wrapped in the same cloth and doing “their own distin” were approached by a stranger who filmed them while they begged for him to delete the footage, …even promising him money.

Not sure who was behind the camera or where the incident took place, but on a level, it feels like”acting” though [my personal thoughts]

We are not able to share the video here because of our site’s policies, but I saw it posted by a Facebook user with name Gabby Nash. [if that helps you in anyway.]