Femi Otedola Calls On The Public To Fulfill Their Pledges To The COVID-19 Relief Fund

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One Of Nigeria’s Billionaire, Femi Otedola has donated his 1 billion naira pledge to the COVID-19 Relief Fund and has called out others who pledged to fulfill theirs.

He owns a lot of businesses in Nigeria and across the world, he is the founder of FO transport and Seaforce shipping company limited, swift insurance, Atlas Shipping Agency and FO properties limited.

Ever since Nigeria recorded its first coronavirus case, a lot of people in the country including top Businessmen and billionaires publicly pledged to donate money to help fight the deadly virus.

For the sake of accountability, an account was set up under the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19 at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

They are responsible for making sure that, they provide a full list of all the contributions they’ve received so far, publish the names and amount donated and finally see to it that the monies are used for the purpose of which it was contributed at the first place.

Femi Otedole was one of them and he has already donated one billion Naira to help fight this virus, other billionaires like Aliko Dangote has also Donated two billion Naira for the same purpose.

Femi Otedole is calling out on all the other individuals who have also pledged to donate their own amount to make sure they fulfill their pledge.

He took to his Instagram page and this what he wrote.Matching words with action is the hallmark of Integrity, hence my fufillment of my 1 Billion Naira Donation which has been published above by the Central Bank of Nigeria. My word is my bond and this has always been the bedrock on which my life is based. I salute the other contributors listed above who have honoured their pledge and call on those who are yet to fulfill their own pledges to this noble cause that will undoubtedly save lives …F.Ote”