I Want A Boyfriend That Will Chop Me 6 Times In A Day – Lady Says | Screenshot

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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Twitter has been buzzing after a twitter user shared an interesting statement about the type of boyfriend she wants in her life.

The twitter user who by the name “Piousbae” indicated that she wants the type of boyfriend who will be chopping her 6 times a day.

According to her, this is not too much to ask for from her boyfriend and as such he should be able to do it.

Well, in my opinion it is too much and moreover the guy is not a machine too chopping you 6 times a day, 48 times a week 80 times a month and 2190 times a year.

Probably, she should get herself a machine to help her satisfy her needs.

She wrote;

I want a boyfriend who will fvck me 6 times a day, 42 times a week, 180 times a month and 2190 times a year, is that too much to ask for..?