Angry Reggie Rockstone To Arrest A Man Who Wants To Rape His 6-Year Old Daughter | Video

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A Twitter user lands himself in a big trouble after he tweeted his intentions to play Reggie Rockstone’s daughter, 6, as gala. Reggie threatens to arrest him.

Reggie Rockstone has never been this pissed as today, he has revealed his other side of him that he normally hides from social media.

Today, Hitz Fm tweeted about Reggie’s daughter noting that she is one of the biggest fans of Stonebwoy.

Since Twitter is a no ‘man’s land’ that everybody writes whatever they feel like, one user has faced the wrath of Reggie Rockstone after he stated a comment beneath Hitz Fm’s post.

Abdulbasit wrote “Carry her give us make we play her Gala”.

This tweet was not well received by the legendary Reggie Rockstone as he recorded a video of himself asking for the arrest of Abdulbasit.

According to Reggie Rockstone, Abdulbasit is a rapist and he wasn’t just saying that as jokes.

Reggie included his picture and the tweets and asked netizens to fish him out for his arrest.

Watch video below: