Reggie Rockstone Asks His Daughter To Say Hi To Shatta Wale But This Is What Happened

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Veteran rapper Reggie Rockstone’s daughter joins her father’s scuffle with Shatta Wale, snubs Wale when Reggie asked her to say Hi to him.

A viral video of Reggie Rockstone’s daughter snubbing Shatta Wale has put huge stir on the Internet after Shatta Wale has started bashing him and all the pioneers of Hiplife music.

Rapper Sarkodie recently released a diss song dubbed “Sub Zero” on which he went really hard on every rapper that has dissed him in recent times.

The song since it’s released has been trending all over social media.

Reacting to the song in an interview, Shatta Wale blasted Sark for releasing a diss song by this time and also blamed Reggie Rockstone for introducing rap music to Ghana stating that Reggie has not made any impact with rap music.

Reggie in response to this released an 8-minute video addressing the issue where he told Shatta Wale that he was wrong for what he said, click here to watch the video.

Shatta Wale in a new Facebook live video, descended on both Sarkodie and Reggie tearing them apart [like he always does]. Click here to watch the video.

In this latest video in the privy of, in the middle of a live video, Reggie Rockstone called his daughter who had just passed behind him, and told her to say hello to Shatta Wale.

Reggie Rockstone’s daughter declined, and walked away. can not authoritatively say that she did that from the video, because she was defending her daddy in his social media fight against Shatta Wale.

Watch video below: