Medikal And Criss Waddle To Feed 500 People Amid Lockdown Extension | Screenshot

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Ghanaian AMG rappers Medikal And Criss Waddle decides to feed five hundred more people since the government of Ghana had no other options but to extend the lockdown to another one.

The government of Ghana in relation to fighting the deadly virus has decided to extend the two weeks partial lockdown to another one week to curb the spread of the virus

Despite the fact that this extension will be a great worry to those who have to hustle or work every day in order to support and provide for their families.

The government can’t just expose those same less privilege people in the country to any form of social gathering that can lead to them getting infected by someone who might have the virus without even knowing they do have it.

Due to this, Medikal and his boss Criss Waddle have decided to provide food for another five hundred less privileged people.

During the first two weeks, they also contributed to easing off the stress on parents or guardians who are facing challenges providing for their families by providing them with some of the necessary items they needed to fight this virus.

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Here is what Criss Waddle wrote on his Facebook page “Most people prepared for the 2 weeks lockdown, the one-week extension by the president is for our own good, however, most people aren’t prepared for that…Medikal, Myself and the Team have decided to feed 500 people regardless if they love AMG or NOT.”