Meet Fred Drah: COVID 19 Patient Who Has Fully Recovered From The Ailment; He Tells His Story & Experiences | Video

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51-year-old Fred Drah has shared his experiences at the hospital after fully recovering from the deadly coronavirus.

The deadly coronavirus has taken the world by storm as lot of countries are struggling to curb the spread of the virus.

Speaking to TV3, Fred Drah, a COVID 19 patient, who has fully recovered from the ailment shared his experience with Ghanaians and how doctors took care of him at the hospital.

According to Fred Drah, he works at the ports and probably got infected by his friend who was exhibiting symptoms of the ailment but did not take notice of it.

Fred Drah indicated that the 17th March 2020, he went to the Tema Polyclinic because his temperature was beyond normal.

He revealed that his blood sample was taken to conduct a test for the virus and results came out positive.

According to him, after the results came back positive, people in his community stigmatized him and family because everyone was scared to come close to him even after he had fully recovered.

He added that he was the first person to be admitted at the Ga East Hospital for COVID 19 and he even lost a friend he met at the hospital who was also suffering from COVID 19.

He revealed that the first day he was admitted to the hospital the doctors and nurses were very scared of him, they just sent him to a ward and locked him in it.